Renovating can be a stressful time and finding the right builder will often be the linchpin to a successful and smooth-running reno. Your home is probably your most precious asset so it is important to find a builder that you really trust.

Issues like budget and time-frame are really important when you are renovating your existing home. You need a builder that can deliver on both.

Renovated facade.

Your architect or designer might have some suggestions for you. They often work  with builders who they know can deliver on their designs. If they have a track-record with a builder and have completed a number of successful renovation projects together, that’s a really good indicator to go ahead.

Finding the right builder is a lot about finding someone you can communicate easily with, someone you feel comfortable with. Trust your gut instincts.

An old beach-house gets a facelift.

If the builder shows a genuine interest in your project and offers advice and suggestions readily as well as getting back to you in a timely manner, they are definitely worth considering. If they are slow to return you calls, they may not be all that interested in your job. Some builders are not keen on doing renovations as they can present challenges. Make sure your builder is engaged and interested in your project before you hire them.

Ulm Street Dicky Beach


While it might be tempting to choose the builder with the lowest quote, price is not the best way to choose the right person to do your renos. Low prices may indicate a lack of experience and/or quality workmanship. A word of caution here: do make sure you receive a comprehensive quote; some builders may quote everything at a base rate and add in extras later. Ask lots of questions and be accurate about what you want. A good builder will be able to offer you less expensive alternatives if what you are proposing is outside of your budget.

An outdoor area was part of the renovation.

Renovations can be incredibly exciting, transforming your home into a bigger and better space. They can also be very stressful, so it’s important to find someone you trust to manage the process well and to deliver on your dreams.

Shadforth Lythgo has had the pleasure of completing many renovations on the Sunshine Coast and would love to talk to you about your reno plans.