Right now is a good time to think about investing in a commercial property with Aura Business Park releasing its first blocks. Given its’ prime

With its’ prime position, it is marked as a hot investment

Aura Business Park has a convenient connection to the Bruce Highway making it very accessible. The Business Park will also be surrounded by an active community that will just keep growing.

Aura has become the largest investment zone on the Sunshine Coast

Aura Business Park

Which is why we’ve decided to offer land and shed packages at this location (check out the preliminary drawings above).  Using time-proven plans we will be offering excellent value to our clients by cutting out a developer’s margin and also expensive design fees.

Here are five factors to consider when making a commercial investment –

1. Return on investment

Location is very important when choosing a commercial property. Whether you are using the property for your own business or relying on rental income you need a well-located property.  On the upside commercial leases are generally longer than residential leases but periods of vacancy can also be longer. Choosing the right location plays a big part in return on investment.

2. Think long-term

Commercial investments are generally more of a long-term strategy so it is important to be informed about the long-range planning for the area you are investing in. Choose an area that is going ahead.

3. Timeframe

Prices will only go up in an area like Aura Business Park. Time is of the essence with an investment like this as blocks are limited. Are you able to act within a limited timeframe?

4. Use

Aura Business Park will be used for light industry and manufacturing, showrooms, commercial office space, storage and warehousing, research and development, and indoor sports & recreation. Use of premises is an important consideration in choosing a design for your commercial premises

5. Seek advice

When looking to invest in a commercial property talk to experienced professionals who can help you navigate the process and avoid any potential pitfalls. Investing in commercial property is quite different from residential portfolios.

ShadforthLythgo has decided to put our many years of commercial building experience to good use to create affordable land and shed packages at Aura. We can see great potential for the future of commercial development in this area. If you would like to check out our plans please give us a call.

If you would like to check out our shed plans please give us a call. You will find our land and shed packages very competitively priced.