Construction continues to evolve with exciting developments in the industry. Here’s some of the trends we expect to see grow in 2019 …

Green Technology

Green technology, building in an environmentally responsible and resource-efficient manner, is becoming mainstream. Green technology spans the entire construction process from design through to construction and continues on into the building maintenance phase. This trend is welcome as the construction industry contributes around 20% of global emissions. By making buildings environmentally-friendly and increasing their durability and thus longevity, construction can contribute to the betterment of our environment.

Research into green construction is burgeoning and we can expect to see some interesting innovations, things like air-conditioners driven thermally and asphalt that has the capacity to heal itself!

The Drone

The use of drones is increasing on construction sites. Aerial video and photography gives stakeholders a bird’s eye view of projects, increasing safety and providing valuable data.

More Modular

Modular and prefabricated construction is on the rise, particularly for building repetitive structures. Benefits include time-saving, flexibility and budget. As these are mostly factory produced, weather is also less of a problem. Despite this trend, custom-design isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the prefab trend is driving many punters to want something different!

Material Costs on the Rise

Material costs will continue to rise in 2019 and construction companies will work harder and smarter to remain competitive. Steel, iron, and timbers all rose in price in 2018. Decreasing supply versus increasing demand will see this trend continue.

Getting Safer

Safety equipment just keeps getting better. This is great news for the construction industry where there has been a concerted push to improve safety standards. Some of the new innovations include work boots that connect to WiFi and send GPS coordinates. These smart boots are rare at the moment but will become commonplace. They are able to detect if a worker has fallen or if they are tired. Moisture-wicking fabric is becoming lighter and better;  cooling vests are big news in our climate.


Construction has never been more purposeful. Building designs that utilise natural light and help it permeate throughout a building will lower energy constumption and reduce the carbon footprint. Re-use of grey water will continue to increase with more technologies becoming available. Re-using existing structures will become more popular with buildings being re-purposed rather than demolished and rebuilt.

Shadforth Lythgo looks forward to embracing the changes and growth in construction in 2019.