Environmental impact of building

Whether you are building a home or commercial premises there will be some cost to the environment. Choosing sustainable building materials and clever construction can improve your environmental rating and also the cost-effectiveness of your building. Embodied energy Embodied energy refers to the total amount of energy used in all of the processes in the [...]

Building or Renovating?

Building or renovating your home is a chance to start with a fresh canvas. Here are some of the latest trends to add to your design palette. Colour your home This year we are seeing lots of green and yellow shades as well as natural tones. Think warm nudes, terracotta, muted chocolate and hazelnut with [...]

2017-03-23T00:58:47+10:00March 23rd, 2017|Home Renovations, Luxury Homes|

Renos on the Rise

While the Sunshine Coast continues to see an increase in new home builds, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that Queenslanders are renovating in record numbers. In fact, renos in 2016 were up more than 13 per cent. Renovations on the Sunshine Coast were up 10 per cent on the previous year. Sunshine Coasters spent around 120 million improving [...]

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