Five architectural trends for indoor/outdoor living

One of the biggest architectural trends right now is blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living, especially in our beautiful Sunshine Coast climate. Here's five of the top architectural trends in this space. Redefining indoor and outdoor boundaries The boundaries between indoors and out are being absolutely redefined. Seamless transition between the spaces is [...]

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Mixed-Use Wins Appeal

Mixed-use development is a new way of planning built environments. It blends residential, commercial and cultural into one precinct, making communities a more physically and functionally integrated space. Multi-use communities bring people to live where they work, taking long travel times off the table and adding positives like more time each day to enjoy with [...]

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Sustainability: right on trend

Sustainability is big news in the building industry and in 2018 there are some exciting trends to take us into the future. Getting flexible about space Cities are becoming denser and space is often at a premium. In this environment, building design is all about doing more with less. The clever use of space [...]

Talking trends in exterior home design

As luxury home builders, we are inspired by the contemporary design trends. We work with architects and designers to build homes that reflect contemporary design themes, colour palettes, and the latest finishes. Here are some of the most in-vogue looks for home exteriors in 2018 - Be natural There is a renaissance in authentic-looking, natural building [...]

Innovation in Suspension

We are busy constructing a suspended deck for a residential build in Riverview Avenue, Buderim. The deck takes in the incredible views from the mountain and adds a breathtaking element to the home. We are sure this outdoor space will be well-used and well-loved by the homeowners. A suspended deck: when it’s all about [...]

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Stylish home trends for 2018

We love being part of the dynamic building industry. The innovations and trends in house design and construction keep us excited. So, we thought we'd take a look at some of the forecasts for 2018. Kitchens Marble bench tops are becoming ultra-thin; a shark-nose profile is being used to give the illusion the bench is [...]

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