Environmental impact of building

Whether you are building a home or commercial premises there will be some cost to the environment. Choosing sustainable building materials and clever construction can improve your environmental rating and also the cost-effectiveness of your building. Embodied energy Embodied energy refers to the total amount of energy used in all of the processes in the [...]

The Wonders of Tilt-Up Technology

Watching a crane 'tilt-up' a massive concrete panel from the ground and set it into its vertical position is all kinds of impressive. Whole walls appear from ‘nowhere’ and a house takes shape before your eyes. However, much of the legwork has already been done on site. The concrete tilt panels have already been cast [...]

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The Wonders of Concrete

The old saying, there’s nothing new under the sun, certainly holds true for concrete. Shadforth Lythgo use concrete tilt-up construction methods in part because concrete is such a durable material, but did you know its’ use in construction dates back to the Romans. The Romans made their concrete from a mix of lime, volcanic ash (from [...]

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