auraThe team at Shadforth Lythgo are super-excited to be engaged at Aura at such an early stage in its development. We needed an excavator to cut our levels for our first soil test – now that’s early

So what’s all the fuss about?

What makes Aura so exciting is that it is an Australian first being the largest master planned community with a six-star green rating. It is designed to cater for a diverse population and includes a university, retirement and aged care facilities, sporting facilities, schools, parks, an excellent transport network, and a thriving business centre. Aura has taken inspiration from around the world, drawing on the finest examples of liveable cities and emulating their best features.

A snapshot

In a snapshot, Aura is going to be amazing! It will be the habitat of around 20,000 new homes. It will feature more than 700 hectares of park and bushland areas, so lots of green space. For lovers of bike-riding, Aura will have more than 200 kilometres of bikeways and walking tracks. And there will be lots of amenities with over 90 hectares of shopping precinct and 20 learning hubs within a radius of just 20 kilometres.  And of course, the reason why we all love to live here, it is only a short drive to the beautiful beaches of the Sunshine Coast.

aura2Business and job creation

Aura is designed to generate economic prosperity for our region. It will be a dynamic new city that offers functional, up-the-minute corporate spaces for entrepreneurs, small businesses, boutique enterprises, and larger corporates. It is designed to have a thriving city heart that will be world class and open our region to global industry opportunities.

The Aura development will also be a huge employment generator. It is expected to bring up to 20,000 jobs during the construction stage and has long term targets of creating a further 20,000 jobs. That is wonderful news for the Sunshine Coast.

Shadforth Lythgo couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities that Aura represents. If you are interested in finding out more, we’d love to hear from you.