While building on a sloping lot can be challenging and more costly, a sloping block also has its advantages, and with the right house design you can build a stunning and unique home.

Here’s five tips that will help you get the very most out of your custom design home if you’re planning to build on a slope.


Where to position you home will take consideration. A stock-standard slab on the ground won’t work. A sloping block offers the opportunity to be really unique and to work with the contours of your land.

The extent of your slope will inform your floor plan too. A split slab design may be possible, where you cut the block into sections for two or more slabs with stair transitions. A pole home may be the best option if your slope is steep.

Engineering considerations, excavation, retaining walls, and planning the foundations will all require careful thought. A builder with experience with sloping block designs  will ensure you end up with a great result.

Go with the flow

House design is all about lifestyle. Whatever design you choose for your sloping block, the flow of the house should work with your lifestyle. If the areas of your home (including indoor spaces and out) flow seamlessly into each other, life will be more relaxing.

A well-designed home will help you make the maximum use of your sloping block and will include decks and landscaping that complement the main house. Stairs are an important consideration – you don’t want to navigate umpteen stairs to enjoy a drink on your outdoor deck.

It’s all about the view

Generally, a sloping block will have a great view. Your house design should be all about maximising that outlook.

Your most lived-in rooms should capture the view. Whether it’s an ocean view for you to enjoy from the lounge, or a rainforest outlook from your deck, taking full advantage of views will increase the value of your home.

Placement and size of windows and doors can also help you frame that picture-perfect view for maximum enjoyment.

Energy Efficiency

A good home design for a sloped block will maximise natural light and cross-ventilation. This will reduce your energy bill dramatically.


It’s important to allow for any extra costs associated with building on a slope. You will probably require more excavation work, extra retaining walls, and more landscaping. An experienced builder can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring your budget is accurate for a sloping lot.

Despite the challenges and the cost, a sloping block can present you with a beautiful and truly unique home to enjoy. If you’d like to chat with us about building on your sloping block, we’d love to hear from you.