Did you know around 80% of custom home designs never get built? That’s why it is super-important to ensure you plans are feasible from the outset. A feasibility study will iron out any wrinkles in your plans and ensure the build is doable within your budget.

1. Avoid budget blowouts

Budget blowouts can be fatal in a custom home build. Your plans need to be carefully assessed against your budget to understand what is achievable and what is unrealistic.

Shadforth Lythgo work with you and your architect or designer to help you achieve your dream home within budget. We are able to suggest alternatives that can save you money on aspects of the build that may blow your budget.

2. Avoid hidden costs

While some builders will provide a cost estimate within your reach, there may well be hidden costs that have not been made clear. We believe in thoroughly exploring every aspect of the project and explaining all possible costs that may occur. Transparency and a thorough project feasibility study protect against unexpected expenses mid-way through a build.

3. Avoid costly delays

A well-planned construction includes a realistic timeline of events. Time is money and a project that drags on will blow the budget as well as cause frustration. Construction has its challenges and setbacks but solid planning will result in analysing potential problems before they arise.

At Shadforth Lythgo, we specialise in trouble-shooting for solutions to potential issues. This means we solve problems before they arise and keep construction on track and on time. This approach prevents stalls in progress and also delivers a stress-free experience to our clients. It is far better to work through potential issues ahead of time so clients can make decisions with foresight rather than hindsight. By analysing every angle of your build we can avoid any nasty surprises down the track which means we never have to hobble together a solution or straddle time and budget blowouts.

Design is everything. Image: Shadforth Lythgo.

If you would like to utilise our experience to explore the feasibility of your custom home plans, please give contact us on (07) 5493 9757. We’d love to help.