Building a Luxury Home? 3 Design Considerations to Ensure You Don't OverspendThere are 3 often-overlooked design elements when building a luxury home, that can have a massive effect on your cost without adding value to your home. This article shows you what they are and gives you alternatives that save you money without impacting the overall look of the home.

1. Minimise Wasted Space

This is an area where I see a lot of homeowners needlessly waste money.

When many people think of their dream home they think of a sprawling home with a massive master suite, and massive living areas. They believe that the bigger it is, the better it is when that’s not necessarily the case.

I have seen so many two-storey ‘McMansion style’ properties where owners have paid exorbitant amounts for palatial sized bedrooms only to find that they didn’t end up utilising the extra space. Sometimes people believe that paying for space instead of design will give them a better result. They end up building a massive ‘box’ (which I relatively cheap to build). Sure, there might be one or two trick design features on it to make it feel less ‘boxy’, but the end result is that the home can look like a ‘rat with a gold tooth.

While there’s nothing wrong with having massive rooms, just be clear that ever extra m2 in space sometimes sacrifices design and sometimes that means value or at the very least saleability.

A good designer can give your home a spacious feel and at the same time make masterful use of available space so you minimise floor area and save money. The right design can shave significant amounts off your building size (and therefore cost) without affecting the look of the property.

2. Minimise Non-Standard Building Products

You may have noticed that whenever a new technology emerges on the market, it’s super expensive to buy. Then – when it increases in popularity the price goes down. That’s the same with building materials. New, non-standard building materials certainly can look awesome but just bear in mind it can escalate your building costs . Not only that, installation of new types of building materials is often more expensive for the same reason.

The question to ask yourself is, “Is that $X in added cost going to give me $x in added value or visual appeal?

Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t.  You’re the only person who can decide that.

3. Maximise Consistency of Building Products

Be aware that the more you change the type of building products used throughout the house, the more costly construction becomes. For instance, if you have 8 different external claddings, each corner needs to be treated differently throughout the construction process. This increases time which increases your labour costs.

These are just some tips to help you design and build your luxury dream home without blowing the budget.  For more advice, just touch base with us for a Complimentary Design & Feasibility Consultation.