Coastal living no longer means the quintessential holiday beach shack. People are moving to coastal areas to live beachside all year round and contemporary beach houses are reflecting that.

Architectural design is important so as to make the most of the view, protect from the elements like wind and salt, and allow for a comfortable coastal lifestyle. Here’s a few elements to consider when planning your beach house design –

It’s all about the view

Be creative with windows. Why not turn unreachable wall space into window space? Bring on the natural light. Choose doors that can be opened up for seamless engagement with outside. Make the view the hero … lots of glass without ornamentation.


Beachside often means sandy feet and kids racing in dripping wet from the pool. Tiles are the perfect floor covering. They are easy to clean and can withstand just about anything you can throw at them. They also make for a seamless transition between indoors and out.


Shade is essential for outdoor living areas. Our summers are hot, so wide, wide eaves and covered outdoor areas are vital.

Outdoor shower

Having a shower outdoors is really practical for a beach house and will save on sand being tracked inside. Taking an open-air shower is also a great sensory experience.


Beware corrosion

Rust is an issue if you live beachside. Salt is highly corrosive, so be very mindful of your material choices – both indoor and out. Stainless steel is a good choice for fixtures and fittings.


Louvres have made the leap from the beach shack of yesteryear to the modern beach house. They capture the cross breezes, filter the light, and help bring the outdoors in. They are very energy-efficient and cool the house down beautifully.

The Deck

Decks will allow you to spend lots of time living outdoors, especially in the summer months. If you make your deck a fully functional living space complete with lounging areas, barbeque, refrigerator, and food prep areas you really will find yourself spending days and nights enjoying your outdoor space.

Your beach house is a slice of paradise. We’d love to help you create a beach house to capture the carefree vibrancy of beachside living.