Why use an architect?

Architects are experts in design. They take your brief and turn into a unique design; a customised plan for an exceptional built environment.

Your architect will be highly conversant with town planning regulations and can help navigate your ideas through the regulatory process.

As builders of custom-designed homes, we often work with architects and clients to achieve their design vision and turn that plan into reality. Shadforth Lythgo offers a Design Partnership Service, where we act as the middle-man between you and your architect, helping you set a realistic budget and oftentimes offering viable alternatives if your ideas outstretch your budget. For example, we can often achieve a similar look using a more affordable material.

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Your architect will be involved throughout the build and will inspect the work right throughout construction period.


An architect isn’t just creating a house or building plan. They are bringing their professionalism and creativity to the table and coming up with inspired building solutions. A good architect will devise a plan that will appeal to aesthetic values as well as being highly functional. Architects are all about attention to detail and this will set your construction apart.

Other areas that your architect will be across are ensuring the best environmental performance of your building.

Other areas that your architect will be across are ensuring the best environmental performance of your building;  devising the  best way to place your building on your block to maximise views, gain full advantage of airflow, and make best use of the path of the sun for temperature control and energy-saving.

Whether you are building a luxury home, commercial office/premises or even renovating, using an architect is generally a very good investment. When you resell, an architect-designed building will have  market-edge; people are willing to pay for the benefits of good design.

Shadforth Lythgo offers a Design Partnership Service.

Building is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so utilising the services of a good architect makes perfect sense.


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