Changing plans mid-job is often expensive and time-consuming; changes at this time will usually blow both the budget and the schedule. Sometimes a client believes that it is worth it and so the changes are made, but if possible  it’s best to stay the course once building has started.

Image: Cade Mooney

That’s why we never rush the planning stage of any project. It is during planning that we work with the client to nut out exactly what they are hoping to achieve with their build – aesthetically and practically. Function and form go hand and in hand and we focus on both to ensure that the build will definitely meet, and hopefully exceed, the expectations that the client has.

Bring on the bubbles. Image by Cade Mooney.

At this stage, change is a good thing.

Often the client has a plethora of fabulous ideas and ideals for their build. Some of these are really vital to the outcome they are looking for and some are less deserving. There are some ideas that will cost time and money and will not deliver what is hoped. Through thorough exploration and discussion, clients are able to decide on the best way forward.

Let there be light. Photo by Cade Mooney.

Some ideas may just need some tweaking. We have had over twenty plus years of experience building client’s dreams. We are equipped to help bring ideas to fruition and we often have great alternatives up our sleeve, ideas that can achieve the same end-result for a much smaller price-tag.

A custom built designed for the beach.

Time spent deliberating at the planning stage is never wasted. It is our experience that being thorough at concept development actually saves time and very often money.

We know a project is often like a baby to the client, it is the culmination of a lot of hard work and determined vision. And so we continue to commit to taking all the time needed with our client in the early stages of their project, to ensure their expectations are met and exceeded.

Image: Cade Mooney

This is definitely what gets us out of bed each morning.