When planning a new home we are offered the latest in building design trends. But how do we build on-trend without risking a design that will date quickly?

There are design elements that are timeless. These are the features, things like high ceilings, that remain highly sought after right across the different design eras of Australian architecture. The trick is to look for those elements that have stuck; the things people don’t want to change when they are doing a renovation. Many times these elements have to do with lifestyle enjoyment of the home.


I know we talk about this a lot, but Australians really value indoor/outdoor lifestyle and Sunshine Coasters love it! Any design that maximises the relationship between outside and in will remain popular with those living in a home. Year in and year out! How you position your home on your block of land is of paramount importance in this regard.

High Ceilings

High ceilings are another element that has simply not gone out of style. The old Queenslander was built with high ceilings to keep the home cooler; the trend for space and light via high ceilings has never gone away. Again, when we carry out a home renovation we are never asked to lower the ceilings!

Bringing the outside in

High ceilings create a sense of space and you can add in lots of glass – bigger windows and doors than would be possible with lower ceilings. The result is light and bright.

Open plan

Open plan has been popular for a really long time, but there is definitely a trend towards creating a sense of separate spaces within open plan.

The downsides of very large open plan spaces are that they can be hard to climate and noise control – and it can be hard to achieve a feeling of cosiness in a barn-like open space.

Building design trends are now seeing areas being linked,  retaining a sense of open plan and free flow, while implying a sense of distinct and separate spaces.

Smart technology

Smart technology has arrived in a very big way. Like most things technological, revisions can happen quickly and prices can drop overnight. So, anything you adopt should be able to be easily expanded or updated in the future.

Having been building beautiful homes on the Sunshine Coast for decades (where did the time go!) we can offer you lots of insight into what design features are timeless and will retain their value.

If you include good classic design from the outset, your home will be a place you continue to love to be.