With lots of people taking advantage of low interest rates and building new homes, we thought it would be timely to take a look at the top features Aussies are looking for in a new home.

1. Quality Finishes

In an era where package homes go up almost overnight, there has never been a greater demand for quality finishes. Quality will differentiate your home from the rest of the pack. Think elegant tapware, timber accents, and quality joinery. As people begin to shy away from our throw-away society, building with quality has become a common value.

Image: Cade Mooney.

2. Multiple living areas

While open-plan was once highly-sought after, families are now looking for a home with more than one living area – with a seamless flow from space to space. This means the family can spread out and have their own space when needed. A house with two living spaces means the home can grow with you; small children will become teenagers and want their own space to hang out.

3. Let the sun shine in

New home buyers are looking to be able to see as much blue sky as possible. They want natural light and lots of it, so windows and skylights are important.

4. Swimming pools are in!

According to recent data, the swimming pool is the number one thing Aussies are looking for in a new home. A swimming pool represents a place where families can relax and enjoy the weekend without having to leave home. As we get busier this is becoming increasingly attractive.

5. Garage and storage space

Having a roomy garage that offers good storage options is one of the most searched for features according to real estate data. Carefully thought-out storage space that makes the best use of available space can really enhance liveability.

6. The power of solar

With growing consciousness of environmental issues and our sunny Australian climate, we have become increasingly interested in installing solar panels. Growing power bills will only consolidate this trend.

Image: Cade Mooney.

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