“The Shadforth Lythgo team is sensational. We were extremely happy with the job. With it being a Junior Sporting Club there were plenty of scenarios and having to answer to a lot of people who are were all putting their opinions in, Tony was always so calm and collected. He listened closely to everyone and respectfully told people when ideas that were shared weren’t in the Club’s best interest, but also flexible in accepting positive ideas.

The time frame it was completed in was awesome – virtually to the day which was exceptional especially considering we had a lot of rain.

We are a Junior Rugby Club so money was very tight, even with support of a Government grant. Shadforth Lythgo was very adaptable. The project came in easily under budget. In fact, a little bit of charity may have come our way.”

Dr John Craven

President – Brothers Junior Rugby Union Club

“Very Happy. Extremely Proud.”

“We received a lot of positive feedback and the customers comment that they love the feel of the building. It took a lot of work to get the building to where it is and Shadforth Lythgo were able to meet some very strict time constraints placed on us.

With a building the size and scale of this there were a number of minor setbacks. Shadforth Lythgo helped to overcome these setbacks and ensure we were opened within the desired time frame.

Shadforth Lythgo handle the entire process from initial feasibilities through to moving you or your tenant into the building. They can deal with council on issues at the front end and real estate agents at the back end, taking the worry and stress out of the building process for you.

I would definitely recommend Shadforth Lythgo, we were very happy with the outcome and are extremely proud of the building.”

Jason Faithful

Harley Davidson

“Great team. Great sub-contractors”

“Shadforth Lythgo have a great team led by Dean and Ryan who are very reliable. What is just as important is that they have a great team of subcontractors around them. Without great subcontractors, great head contractors aren’t much use so having that excellence showing through with all members of their team is so critical to a job well done.

Not only was their quality and reliability really good, so was their costing, estimating and follow up. As a developer there can be a lot of stress involved with the development of any project. The longer the job takes, the more your financial exposure increases.

The guys at Shadforth Lythgo made everything so easy. Nothing phased them. Nothing was an issue. They stuck to schedule, everything was well documented, and the project was completed on time.”

Bill Legg

Nexus Pty Ltd


“Thanks for your professionalism, your dedication and hard work over the past 15 months. Dean, in particular, we are nominating for Sainthood, not only for his extraordinary building skills but also for his incredible ability to remain calm and smile no matter what! His catch phrase, ‘it’s all good”, made us feel better even on the most stressful days.

The house is a testament to your excellent building/organisation skills; we’re convinced a lesser team would not have been able to deal with the demanding details (and clients)!”

John and Bronwyn Blackmore


“Excellent tradesmen and labourers”

“I would like to make special mention of the excellent tradesmen and labourers that you assigned to work on our project. From conception to completion the staff in the office were great to deal with. Communication was easy and we always felt that we were a priority when difficulties arose. Tony-you are a rock, and Dean-your ability to multi task and stay calm under pressure makes you guys an awesome team.”

Sandie Bond

Buderim, Home Renovation

“Kept neighbours updated”

“We were very impressed with Dean’s organisation skills, and how nothing ever seemed to bother or get on top of him. I and neighbours were extremely impressed with Dean’s communication, he kept the neighbouring homes updated with any disturbances, and other builders currently in the area don’t show the same professionalism.”

Margaret and Gary Want

“Exceptional communicators”

“We were very impressed with the level of communication we received from Shadforth Lythgo – from the beginning to the end of the project, their office and estimation staff and the directors themselves were exceptional communicators.”
Rob & Maree Major


“Took a solutions approach to problems”

“Both Tony and Dean were very personable. We appreciated the way they dealt with us face-to-face. Their strongest attribute was their positive attitude towards issues. They were easy to communicate with and took a solutions approach to problems.”

Brant Harris


“Gave us a silver lining”

“Thank you for helping us to get back into our home as quickly and smoothly as you did. Thank you for giving us that ‘silver lining’ for what started off as a pretty ordinary year.”

Simon & Katie Niven


“Second to None”

“Shadforth Lythgo’s standard of finish is second to none – they are incredibly meticulous. They are up there with outstanding!”

Richard Smith



“Your company has been a pleasure to do business with. We are delighted with the result.”

Liz & Ian Niven