Project Description

Oceanwave Medical Centre – Fitout

Renovation and Interior Fitout

Oceanwave Medical Centre

From dated appliance store to state of the art medical centre

It’s always such a buzz transforming old, dated buildings into something spectacular. The owners of Oceanwave Medical Centre bought a 1980’s appliance store and asked us to turn it into a modern medical centre with 10 doctor’s rooms, toilets, showers, procedure rooms, day surgery rooms, nurse’s quarters, reception, and five allied health rooms.

We were excited by their vision. As we got to work though, we encountered some issues that needed to be addressed before we could make that vision a reality.

The dated building had storm water issues, sewer height issues, leaking roofs, and planning/zoning issues. It restricted the way we could build … especially considering we needed to install over 20 sinks and basins– one in every room.

There are often hidden surprises that don’t come to light until you get stuck into the build.

As much as quality construction is vitally important in a builder, so is advanced problem solving. Without it, it can be disastrous for the client.

The choices?

  1. Update everything and add months and tens of thousands of dollars to the build cost (which many builders would have done), or …
  2.  Pull a rabbit out of a hat and come up with alternatives that would achieve a great result and at the same time comply with council regulations without causing delays.

So that’s what we did.

The client was over the moon especially considering that they needed construction to be completed on time as they had an opening already planned and were keen to start trading.

We’re delighted to say that we delivered the project on time and on budget.

So professional

“We had one older gentleman come yesterday to book in, says he has been watching the build and it looked so professional. He wanted to come here. So he is here now for his first appointment.”

Teena Barbeler

Practice Manager, Oceanwave Medical Centre

“In Awe”

“This morning I have had the pleasure to be the first patient in the rooms of Ocean Wave Medical! Everybody there is so excited and in awe of what you have achieved in the short of time. I love it and congratulate you guys for a job well done.”


Reinhold Koenning

Principal Engineer, Construction Hydraulic Building Services Engineers

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