Project Description

Lawnton Retail Complex Construction

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Our astute investor clients saw a great opportunity to purchase a well-positioned site at a heavily discounted rate. It was a former petrol station which meant the soil was contaminated so the land took a long time to sell. They could see past its immediate challenges and recognise that it was a golden opportunity to create a large tilt slab retail complex with strong tenancies in a prime area.

On the downside, with ex-petrol station sites like this one, the costs and the timing could have easily blown out by at least six months due to soil disposal challenges, as well as the heavily controlled monitoring process, and the time required to seal off the remaining soil.

But time wasn’t something that the owner had in abundance.

Because they had already lined up a strong tenant, and as part of the agreement it was vital that the project be finished on time as the tenant had a small window to vacate their previous tenancy.

And yet another challenge …

The site was an awkward shape which meant it was difficult to develop and meant designing and building an unusual shaped building. This posed a number of problems.

Despite these challenges we efficiently addressed the issues, completed the project on time and on budget, the major tenant moved in on time, and the client was thrilled with the results.

“Great team of subcontractors”

“Shadforth Lythgo have a great team led by Dean and Ryan who are very reliable. What is just as important is that they have a great team of subcontractors around them. Without great subcontractors, great head contractors aren’t much use so having that excellence showing through with all members of their team is so critical to a job well done.

Not only was their quality and reliability really good, so was their costing, estimating and follow up.

As a developer there can be a lot of stress involved with the development of any project. The longer the job takes, the more your financial exposure increases.

The guys at Shadforth Lythgo made everything so easy. Nothing phased them. Nothing was an issue. They stuck to schedule, everything was well documented, and the project was completed on time.”

Bill Legg

Director, Nexus Property

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