Project Description

Brothers Rugby Union Club House

The Rugby Club House that Brought
Communities & Council Together

When you think of a sporting field club house, what comes to mind for most people is a boring square block building with no personality or life. The Brothers club house was anything but.

The building itself overlooks the Rugby field at Stockland’s Quad Park. It features two change rooms, a medical room, a rest room and male, female and disabled toilets, and lots of open assembly space.

But what makes it stand out is the stylish architectural feel, the interesting roof line, and the sprawling verandahs. Better still, the angles in the building maximized the views of all the sporting fields it overlooked.

What we did:

We were brought on to the project early in the piece to manage the funding process, organize architects, look after community liaison and construct the building.

The Challenges:

Every project presents some really interesting opportunities for innovative thinking. Brothers Rugby Union Club House located at Quad Park was no exception. Because Brothers is a community building being built for Brothers Rugby but owned by the Council in an existing sports precinct, it meant working closely with a variety of different stakeholders including community based groups and council assets. This meant following a specific set of guidelines regarding funding of the project. It also meant we had to work around existing infrastructure that was owned and operated by other parties. Ensuring the project stayed ‘on budget’ was vitally important to the owners because they needed to get Government funding for the build. Any cost blowouts would have meant they would need to do external fundraising. Time was another issue. The building needed to be fully complete in time for pre-season.

The Result:

Even though we had some interesting challenges to overcome, we’re delighted to say that the building was completed on time and on budget and Brothers Rugby teams were able to take advantage of their beautiful new Club house for their 2013 season.



Build a home ground clubhouse for a young, growing club to call its base and to have somewhere comfortable to watch the footy and hold events for fundraising.


Multiple stakeholders were involved in the project. Each stakeholder had different requirements so meeting the varying needs of multiple stakeholders was a complex process.


Be ready in time for the Rugby season to commence pre-season training.


One time and within budget.


“The Shadforth Lythgo team is sensational. We were so happy with the job. With scenarios where you’re answering to a lot of people who are all putting their opinions in, Tony was so calm and collected. He listened closely to everyone and respectfully told people when ideas that were shared weren’t in the Club’s best interest.

The time frame it was completed in was awesome – virtually to the day which was exceptional especially considering we had a lot of rain.

We are a Junior Rugby Club so money was very tight even with support of a Government grant. Shadforth Lythgo was very adaptable. The project came in easily under budget. In fact, a little bit of charity may have come our way.”

Dr. John Craven

President, Brothers Junior Rugby Club, Sunshine Coast

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