Project Description

6 Cottonwood Court Noosa

Winner 2009: Master Builders ‘Best Use of Timber’

Finalist 2009: HIA Custom-built house $1million -$2million – Sunshine Coast

With the masterful combination of rich timber, zinc and water elements, this home is a masterpiece in its own right. Massive opening doors mean the entire house can be opened up without losing any of it privacy. The tiled, above ground horizon edged pool allows the owners to experience the water view from their armchair to the entry pond. The 2 storey screened skylight adds to the natural light and the use of rich timber veneer to the walls adds to its warmth and character.

14 Keys to Outstanding Workmanship with a Complex Design

Residential masterpieces that push the design envelope, often dictate that quality of workmanship needs to be unsurpassed. Not only that, the construction process is significantly more complex requiring out-of-the-box thinking, advanced problem solving, and superior construction skill. Here is an example of some of the extra measures we took to deliver the workmanship that both the architect and the client were looking for:

1. A much higher level of on-site supervision was needed due to design complexity.This enabled us to resolve construction issues as they arose, in particular, ensuring that architectural tolerances were achieved.

2. Precision folding of zinc flashings to provide waterproofing integrity.

3. Complex joinery detail. Attention to detail to ensure adherence to original design criteria. This included use of copper cladding to servery and stone benchtops.

4. Western Red Cedar Cladding meant three times the effort to ensure installation excellence.

5. Consistency of colour: The extensive use of ply veneer linings and special fixing arrangements meant we needed to ensure that the veneer colours were consistent.

6. Zinc Cladding on Tiltadoor: The large custom designed zinc paneled Tiltadoor imposed significant challenges including alignment of the zinc cladding on the head panel and to the entry feature wall.

7. Four sided wet edge pool required critical tolerances to ensure even water flow.

8. Multi level dwelling construction utilizing a commercial steel portal frame in conjunction with timber claddings, large window and door openings, timber screens. This was complicated by the design use of internal voids.

9. The oversized custom built skylight with a timber ventwood diffuser required a lot of skill and innovative thinking to install it.

10. Precision accuracy in floor levels due to seamless transition from interiors to external areas over Bifold doorway openings. Of particular note is the step down external timber sill detail for the full height sliding doors.

11. External use of Bifold and sliding timber doors made for complex design and a higher degree of construction difficulty.

12. Complex lighting system.

13. Extremely fine tolerances necessary to the void glass to achieve the finish required in the architectural design requirement.

14. Complex building detail of external ‘Ventwood’ screen system, with a combination of sliding and remote pivoting panels.