Place making is what it sounds like; creating a place that promotes health, happiness and general well-being for the communities that live there. Place making by its very nature is intentional. It is the process of designing and building with the intention of enhancing the liveability and enjoyment of a place, using best-practice urban design principles.

Mooloolaba Revitalisation. Image credit:

Place making sees development as an opportunity and responsibility to capitalise on the potential of an area and create community assets to enhance the urban experience.

Shadforth Lythgo has a personal commitment to place making. We reach high in what we do to create built environments that make the world a more aesthetic place. We do this by keeping our eyes on the big picture and by being adaptive and innovative.

Here are some of the principles behind place making:

Place making is about vision

Place making requires vision; not just the vision of a single perso, but the aggregate conception of the community, local council, and engaged individuals. The local community have valuable insights into a place and understand what is important to for their local environments.

Mooloolaba Revitalisation. Image credit:

Place making is about the big picture

Place making takes into account the big picture, the interrelation between surrounding amenities and what activities take place in the space – making sure things mesh. The big picture is about cohesion, creating spaces that work together for the value of the community.

Place making is responsive

By observing how a space is used, as well as considering the needs of the local community, an understanding of place is gained. Place making does not happen in an instant, but rather evolves over time in response to community need.

Place making is innovative

Just because something hasn’t been done before, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. Placemaking is about innovation, reaching for new and better ways to create built environments.

We are incredibly excited and privileged to be part of building the Sunshine Coast into a place that rivals as Australia’s best place to live.