As Sunshine Coast builders, we find the focus is often on creating an outdoor space that can be used all year round. By adding a few design elements it’s easy to enjoy your own personal great outdoors all year round.

Image: Urban Jungle Blogger

Heat things up

By adding a heating source near lounging and seating areas you will encourage your family out-of-doors in the cooler months. An outdoor gas heater, fireplace, or firepit will do the job.

Let there be light

It gets dark early at the moment, so think about adding some extra lighting to your outdoor area. Solar or LED are good choices. Strings of lights add atmosphere and you can use lights as accents too, lighting pathways or tree-scapes.

Image: Urban Jungle Blogger

Weatherproof the furniture

Many people are choosing outdoor furniture that and competes with the indoor lounge for luxurious lazing. The trick is to make sure outdoor furniture is weather-resistant. Powder-coated steel, poly resin, and other materials are built to handle the climate. If the area is comfortable, it will get used.

The quintessential BBQ

Barbecued food tastes just as good (if not better) in winter-time. You can add a few warming dishes to the menu and entertain all year. Having a good cooking setup is a big part of making your outdoor area highly habitable.

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Hot tub anyone?

If luxury is your thing, you can enjoy the water even in winter. A hot tub is great for relaxing in after a hard day and even better when the temperature is cooler. A hot tub works as a great enticer to get your peeps outside.

Cosy it up

Along with heat and light, add some cosy elements to create warmth. Think, pillows, throws, and a blankets to share with a friend while you gaze at the stars!

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A cover

Having a roof or covering is a very effective way of making your outdoor area ultra-useful. Add some screens or partitions for privacy and your outdoor space becomes an outdoor room and can protect you from the elements too.

Image: Urban Jungle Blogger

So, don’t limit the outdoors to the warmer months. With some planning, you can enjoy the wide open spaces all year round.