Renovations that Turn Tired, Dated Homes into Breathtaking Architectural Masterpieces

Architectural Renovation Builders on the Sunshine Coast

You love where you live. The challenge is your home is dated and isn’t a true reflection of who you are. You would love to turn your tired, but well-loved property into an architectural showpiece that you can once again be truly proud of.

At Shadforth Lythgo Master Builders, we build award-winning renovations that turn dated homes into luxury residential masterpieces. We can either design and build your renovation for you or build from the architectural plans you’ve had drawn up.

To find out more about how we can create a renovation masterpiece for you, call our Sunshine Coast Renovation building team on 07 5493 9757 or complete the contact form below.



 If you’re like most people though, you’re excited by the possibility of renovating but at the same time you’re not sure what it involves.

1. Overcapitalisation: Will the new design add considerable value to your property?

You want to be sure that there is a lot of architectural flair and your home is given a complete facelift and not just a piecemeal makeover. Otherwise, the results often look second-rate. Having said that, you also want to be sure that your renovation adds considerable value to your property too. Achieving a stunning renovation and at the same time ensuring you don’t overcapitalise is part art and part science. There are dozens of factors to consider. That’s why we will sit down with you and discuss your design ideas and advise you on the design elements and changes that will add value and those that won’t. Here are just a few of the factors to consider.

  • Your old windows date the house but will the cost of replacing all of those windows be able to be recouped in the new valuation of your home?
  • Moving that bathroom or kitchen from its existing location may be a fantastic idea but it does add considerable cost.
  • Changing internal walls of the existing structure or roof line may add significant visual appeal but will the extra cost be justified?

2. Knock Down vs Renovate: What is cheaper and more effective?

Many people think that undertaking a major renovation is less expensive than building from scratch. In some cases it is. In some cases it isn’t … especially when you consider the renovated home’s future valuation compared with a new architecturally designed home.  If you’re not sure what the answer is, talk to us and we’ll assess your property.

3. Hidden Cost Surprises

One of the things to factor in when renovating is that with older homes, hidden surprises sometimes surface that can add to the cost and time involved with renovating. These hidden surprises like leaking roofs, water damage, ineffective plumbing or wiring, are often impossible to locate until the building work commences.

 We’ll walk you through the contingencies and provide you with cost estimates based on what you want to do. We’ll also inform you of the potential hidden surprises we could find and how that could affect your budget.  To find out more, just call us on 07 5493 9757.

Arrange a Complimentary Design & Feasibility Consultation

We’ll give you specific advice to help you get clear on your budget, your design goals, the steps to take … and the mistakes to avoid to ensure you have a great building experience.

From there, we can either give you some rough ballpark costs or a fixed price cost analysis.

To arrange your complimentary consultation, just fill in form or call us on (07) 5493 9757. We look forward to chatting with you.



Thanks for your professionalism, your dedication and hard work over the past 15 months. Dean, in particular, we are nominating for Sainthood, not only for his extraordinary building skills but also for his incredible ability to remain calm and smile no matter what! His catch phrase, ‘it’s all good”, made us feel better even on the most stressful days. The house is a testament to your excellent building/organisation skills; we’re convinced a lesser team would not have been able to deal with the demanding details (and clients)!

John and Bronwyn Blackmore, Cooroy

Second to None

Shadforth Lythgo’s standard of finish is second to none – they are incredibly meticulous. They are up there with outstanding!

Richard Smith, Noosa

Exceptional communicators

We were very impressed with the level of communication we received from Shadforth Lythgo – from the beginning to the end of the project, their office and estimation staff and the directors themselves were exceptional communicators.

Rob & Maree Major, Noosa

Professional work practices. Excellent<

We have found Shadforth Lythgo to be a flexible contractor with professional work practices and excellent HS &E Systems. They have a robust internal management structure that provides us with a high level of communications and ensures our expectations are met.”

Brent Everist, Facilities Manager Commercial Property , Stockland