Luxury Residential Designer Partnering Service

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Whenever you design a luxury home or renovation you want to be sure that your design matches your client’s construction budget. You also want to be sure that your client is comfortable with the process and the costs.That’s where we can help.
As you know, there’s sometimes a mismatch between what the client thinks their design ideas will cost to build, and what it actually costs to build. This can cause tension between the architect and the client.

We have found that acting as the ‘middle man’ between the architect and the client enables us to allay your client’s fears around construction cost. It can also help your clients save money without jeopardising the integrity of your design.

As you can imagine, this can make your life easier during the initial design phase and ensure you maintain a harmonious relationship with your client.

Here’s how it works:

First – we can attend your first design meeting free of charge to provide costing feedback and advice on your client’s design ideas, and help with budget control.

From there, we offer a Partnering Service where we:

  • Supply preliminary costing on your designs when they are at development stage to avoid any potential mismatch between the client’s idea of cost and the actual cost.
  • Supply full cost breakdowns and budgets for both you and your client so they can see how much each element will cost.
  • Act as a liaison between you and your client explaining your vision in practical building terms so your client can understand the rationale behind your designs and the most cost-effective way to realise their vision.
  • In situations where costs are higher than expected, explain the reasons behind the costs and where appropriate, explain effective alternatives while staying true to your intent.
  • Manage the tendering process so you can be sure that the submissions that come back are accurately costed.

Better still, we offer you this service with no-obligation to engage us as the builder for the project.

It doesn’t matter what type of luxury residential home you’re designing, you’ll find that we have a strong track record building high quality, award-winning properties that clients love (see testimonials).

To find out more, touch base with us now on 07 5493 9757 to discuss your needs in Sunshine Coast or Brisbane.

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Thanks for your professionalism, your dedication and hard work over the past 15 months. Dean, in particular, we are nominating for Sainthood, not only for his extraordinary building skills but also for his incredible ability to remain calm and smile no matter what! His catch phrase, ‘it’s all good”, made us feel better even on the most stressful days. The house is a testament to your excellent building/organisation skills; we’re convinced a lesser team would not have been able to deal with the demanding details (and clients)!

John and Bronwyn Blackmore, Cooroy

Second to None

Shadforth Lythgo’s standard of finish is second to none – they are incredibly meticulous. They are up there with outstanding!

Richard Smith, Noosa

Exceptional communicators

We were very impressed with the level of communication we received from Shadforth Lythgo – from the beginning to the end of the project, their office and estimation staff and the directors themselves were exceptional communicators.

Rob & Maree Major, Noosa

Professional work practices. Excellent<

We have found Shadforth Lythgo to be a flexible contractor with professional work practices and excellent HS &E Systems. They have a robust internal management structure that provides us with a high level of communications and ensures our expectations are met.”

Brent Everist, Facilities Manager Commercial Property , Stockland