Future-proofing is an increasingly popular trend for people building a new home. Many clients have an eye on the future as they plan their new homes, choosing a design that will suit their future lifestyle. Building a home that will cater to your changing needs will definitely save you money in the long-term. The challenge is to design the right house for your future, at a price you can afford now. One of the most important considerations in achieving this is choosing the right site.

building design

Thinking about future needs makes sense when designing your home.

At Shadforth Lythgo, we like to be involved from the outset because the land you choose will  affect the design. One of the biggest determinants to a successful home design and build is understanding your site.  Deciding on a house design and then plonking it on a block of land is definitely not the way to achieve the best outcome.

This renovation makes use of a large back yard.

Our sub-tropical climate demands careful positioning of your home to achieve maximum cooling. It is necessary to understand where the predominant breezes come from and design your home to capture that breeze. The orientation of the site is also vitally important and will influence where the rooms, windows, living areas, and decks will be placed. Western-facing rooms will need large overhangs for shade.

Overhangs are important for north-facing rooms. Photo: Cade Mooney.

If the site is treed, the foliage can be used to provide shade and privacy, particularly to an outdoor area. The contours and levels of the site will also need to be considered. If the site is sloping, rainwater will need to be directed away from the house and will affect the placement of the home.

Designed with the land in mind.

Good design will always work with your chosen site, exploiting the positives and working around any negatives. We love to assist clients in choosing a site consistent with their end-vision.