Budget blow-out is something we work hard to avoid. Preparing a realistic budget from the outset and setting clear parameters around the scope of your build, are proven ways we use to achieve your dream home on budget.

Planning is the key to achieving your dream home.

Decide what’s important

There are some areas you may be happy to compromise in to keep down the price, but others that are  ‘must haves’.

When we scope out a project with clients, we help tease out what is important to you. These are the design features or elements that are not negotiable, the things you are not willing to compromise on.

Perhaps, you really want stone benchtops in the kitchen? Or maybe timber floors are the only choice for you? Setting very clear expectations for what you want included in your home will help you establish a realistic budget.

Decide on your ‘must haves’.

Research alternatives

We are often able to suggest economical alternatives to you – ways to achieve a similar outcome with a smaller price tag. We are constantly exploring new and better building materials and methods.

During our complimentary design & feasibility consultation we can usually offer alternatives that can help you cut down the price without losing the look and feel you are after. For example, we helped a client save by offering an alternative trim, one that was cheaper but not noticeably different from their first choice.

Be open to creative alternatives

Plan ahead

By spending the time required to get really clear on what you want, you will save money in the long run. Last minute changes and additions tend to cost more and you may have to pay a premium prices if you need something supplied urgently. By planning ahead, materials and resources can be sourced at the best price.

If you are planning to build, take advantage of our complimentary design & feasibility consultation.