Australia’s tallest engineered timber office building is now open for business. The building by Lendlease, is situated on King Street and is a part of the $2.9 billion renewal of the Brisbane Showgrounds precinct in Fortitude Valley. It is also the world’s tallest wooden skyscraper and is the latest on Australia’s list of building innovations.

The environmental benefits are obvious; engineered wood acts as a carbon sink rather than producing greenhouse gas emissions – and timber is a natural insulator. Sustainably managed timber plantations can produce the raw materials for engineered wood products, resulting in zero waste. They also produce less CO2 during ongoing operation.

building innovation

Artist’s impression of 25 King Street. Image credit:

Leading experts from academia, industry and government have come together to form Australia’s leading timber collaboration and are set to make big changes to building design and materials manufacture.  Their aim is to develop building products customised for the Australian environment, things like a hybrid concrete-timber to deal with fire safety considerations associated with timber construction. Wooden skyscrapers could well become the new norm!

Acccording to structural engineering expert Professor Sritawat Kitipornchai, the collaboration “represents an opportunity to transform not just our ability to design and construct healthy, resilient, sustainable tall timber buildings; but to engage and transform the entire industry – from the sustainable forests that provide the raw timber, right through to assembling the building safely on site.”

Artist’s impression of 25 King Street. Image credit:

The impressive building, designed by Bates Smart, is over 52 metres high and contains 14,000 square metres of office space over its nine storeys. The ground floor is marked for retail space.

Dale Connor, CEO, Lendlease Building says, “25 King is setting a new benchmark within Australia and internationally for the delivery of office buildings that are more sustainable from an environmental perspective while also delivering cost, time and waste efficiencies. This is a very compelling combination. 25 King is carbon neutral through the construction phase and completely recyclable at the end of its life. Compared to a traditional concrete and steel construction, the pre-formed engineered timber construction means no waste and an energy saving of at least 40 per cent.”

Timber office buildings are being heralded as  ‘next generation’ workplaces designed to enhance wellbeing and productivity.

Artist’s impression of 25 King Street. Image credit:

Fast Facts about 25 King Street

  • Comprised of 3,097 individual timber elements
  • 33 timber columns on each floor and 52 beams
  • CLT – approx. 21,175m2 or 4824m3 of CLT timber (Walls and floor)
  • Glulam approx. 1415m3 (Beam and columns)
  • Approximately 112,500 screws/bolts used.
  • Six core modules and six K bracing modules to assemble per level.
  • The spruce tree is an exceptionally fast-growing species found in Austria. The time it will take in the Austrian forests to grow back the timber used on 25 King is as little as 6 hours in total.