The key objective of any showroom is to be visually stimulating. That’s where good design comes into play. A showroom should be exciting and innovative as a reflection of your product/s. It needs to shine the very best light on your brand.

It’s all about the experience

Good layout is vital so that your products are centre-stage, loud and proud. Consumers should be able to experience your product/s – look, touch and feel them – so they are confident in what your product is all about, and so they can experience the quality of your product firsthand. This is becoming increasingly important to combat the trend towards online shopping. An excellent showroom experience will set you apart from your competition.

Strategically-planned layouts will encourage customer-flow and inspire sales. Samples of your product should be displayed in a way that invites customers to interact with them. Ideally your showroom layout should take your customers on a journey – one section should lead seamlessly and naturally to the next, with your sales counter situated at the end of the journey.

Façade and entrance

Having a standout façade is vital as this is what will inspire passers-by to come on in. Use windows as a sneak peek into your business, enticing people in.  When a customer enters the showroom they should be visually drawn in – your façade and entrance should demonstrate your commitment to quality – the ‘wow’ factor. Impactful design elements matter. First impressions really are very important to your business success.


Ample space will maximise the consumer experience and allow you to fully showcase your product/s. Customers should be able to move around freely and ideally there will be plenty of room for client/staff interaction. Space and ease of movement makes the experience more pleasurable and comfortable.

Your showroom is definitely the place to show off your brand; good design and construction count. If you’d like to discuss your showroom plans, we’d love to hear from you.