After 20 plus years building residential, we have come to believe that homes are all about lifestyle, enjoying cosy times with family and friends, enjoying the day-to-day … about a space designed and built with your needs and wants top-of-mind. And that’s exactly what we deliver.

This renovation really opened up the home in a whole new way.

We work very closely with our clients to make sure all their needs (and wants) are met. There is no other way to achieve this than open and forthright communication at every turn.

Client’s needs vary widely but some of the most common (and important) must-haves they require are –

Capturing the view (if there is one). Building a home that absolutely takes in the view is incredibly important for lifestyle enjoyment and for resale value. Planning and design must be based around the view in order to create the ultimate outcome. Imagine being able to take in your view from almost every room in the house?

Image: Cade Mooney.

Ensuring the home blends beautifully with the surrounds. Sometimes  a home is custom-designed for a specific block of land. Where possible, clients sometimes use materials sourced from the block or close surrounds, things like rocks for rock walls or fireplace features. Double glazed windows allow for lots of glass to open up the house to the surrounds, while helping to control temperature. Windows are placed strategically to make the most of what’s on offer outside.

Sustainability is becoming a big issue for many home-owners and increasingly roofs are being designed with the sun in mind for maximising the productivity of solar panels.

Image: Cade Mooney.

Lots of our clients talk to us about building a home design that fosters calm and tranquillity. As people’s lives become ever busier, the need for home to be an oasis of serenity is becoming more important. Space and natural light are both instrumental in creating a soothing space and high ceilings with lots of windows can be just the ticket.

Big picture thinking leads to big outcomes. Image by Cade Mooney.

Low-maintenance is a big feature for lifestyle enjoyment. This is being reflected in the choice of building materials as well as design. Polished concrete, for example, is a very low maintenance for floors and walls and lasts forever without much attention.

Image: Cade Mooney.

As bespoke builders, Shadforth Lythgo will be with you every step of the build from initial consult, design consultations, council approvals, right through to the completion of the build … making sure you get the home your lifestyle requires.