Construction is experiencing incredible breakthroughs in innovation and technology.

Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and advances in sustainable architecture are paving the way for a revolution of energy-efficient, affordable and accessible construction.

Here’s some of the exciting trends to watch out for in 2019 –

Innovation in Building Materials

Building materials are getting all kinds of clever in response to climate change. Researchers are working to develop sustainable materials that leverage recycled or waste materials. We have already seen a light-weight brick made with cigarette butts, light-generating cement, and translucent wood that can be used for windows and solar panels. As new technologies mature, we will see the development of sustainable building materials that lower waste, reduce costs, and improve construction quality.

Accessibility and Style

Increasingly, accessibility and aesthetic appeal will go hand in hand. Innovative designs are addressing style as well function. A great example are adjustable kitchen benchtops, which look fabulous and cater for the small and tall and wheelchair bound. Another example is advances in tactile indicator studs, handrails, and stair treads – which are now both beautiful and safe.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Times they are a-changing. The internet of things sensors do all kind of clever things, like monitoring energy and water use, waste rates, and much more. All this will help us maintain and manage our homes and buildings for their entire lifecycle. Cloud technology is also helping construction teams to collaborate, making the workflow process more streamlined.

Sustainability Focus

Changes in legislation will see an increased focus on sustainable construction. New regulations are set to impose new energy-efficient regulations, especially in the commercial sector. Recent extreme weather events and growing concerns about global warming are driving the changes.

Bring on the Robots

The construction robotics industry is progressing in leaps and bounds. From bricklaying robots to the first 3D printed bridge in the Netherlands, robotics is set to increase productivity. The bricklaying robot is reputed to lay bricks at five times the rate of a human bricklayer. Robotic welders, rebar-tying robots, and demolition robots are being developed rapidly. These developments are designed to improve working conditions and afford higher safety standards and construction quality.

This year will be an exciting year of innovation and industry revolution. Watch this space!