Supporting the Salvos

Each year,  Shadforth Lythgo has the privilege of supporting the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal Breakfast on the Sunshine Coast. This year was another great event with over 300 people attending to show their support for the Appeal - our local community in action. The local Salvation Army offers much-needed support to the Coast's most [...]

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Broken plan living – the best of both worlds

There’s a transitional movement in home design – broken plan living. This is a combo of open plan layout and creatively designed separate living areas. The idea is that we can have the best of both worlds - lots of open space as well as elements of privacy, with the freedom to create as much [...]

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Place making: Intentional Design for Communities

Place making is what it sounds like; creating a place that promotes health, happiness and general well-being for the communities that live there. Place making by its very nature is intentional. It is the process of designing and building with the intention of enhancing the liveability and enjoyment of a place, using best-practice urban design [...]

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It all begins with your site

Future-proofing is an increasingly popular trend for people building a new home. Many clients have an eye on the future as they plan their new homes, choosing a design that will suit their future lifestyle. Building a home that will cater to your changing needs will definitely save you money in the long-term. The challenge [...]

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Commercial Luxury at Coolum Beach

Shadforth Lythgo recently finished building a luxury commercial construction at Lysaght Street in Coolum Beach. This construction had lots of special features and was custom-designed to create something pretty special. We'd like to give a shout out to Cade Mooney Photography for the fabulous images in this blog. Our latest commercial construction. The [...]

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Thanks to your generosity, Luka gets her pram!

Luka is the beautiful daughter of our foreman, Dan Reid and his wife, Claire. Luka has faced many battles in her short life – surgeries, endless tests and examinations, fluid on her spine, and the inability to weight bear in her lower body that stops her from being able to crawl, walk or even sit [...]

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5 tips to choosing the right builder for your custom home

Building a custom home is a big deal; it's all about creating your dream home. But how do you ensure your dreams don't become a nightmare of stress, delays, and budget-breakers? Choosing the right builder for your custom home is one the most important decisions of the process. Making the right choice will make the [...]

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Thank God for the Salvo’s

This week we had the privilege of sponsoring the annual Salvation Army Breakfast event on the Sunshine Coast. We get to do this every year and we love the opportunity to support an organisation that helps so many of our local people that find themselves in crisis. Homelessness happens Over 100,000 people are sleeping rough in [...]

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