Sustainability: right on trend

Sustainability is big news in the building industry and in 2018 there are some exciting trends to take us into the future. Getting flexible about space Cities are becoming denser and space is often at a premium. In this environment, building design is all about doing more with less. The clever use of space [...]

Talking trends in exterior home design

As luxury home builders, we are inspired by the contemporary design trends. We work with architects and designers to build homes that reflect contemporary design themes, colour palettes, and the latest finishes. Here are some of the most in-vogue looks for home exteriors in 2018 - Be natural There is a renaissance in authentic-looking, natural building [...]

2018: A Year for Luxury Homes

In 2018, homes are all about comfort and convenience, about making life easier and freeing up spare time to enjoy leisurely activities with the family. Here on the Sunshine Coast, lifestyle is a major drawcard and the homes we build reflect that. Something for everyone! This year, design trends are diverse and there is definitely [...]

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For the love of louvres

Louvres have come a very long way since their humble beginnings.  Modern louvres are easy to operate, provide excellent airflow and cross flow ventilation, and look fabulous. Here are just some of the reasons you’ll love louvres in your new home or renovation – It’s all about flow Louvres are perfectly designed to capture and [...]

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Australian homes

Australian homes have evolved over time with changing trends in architectural styles. Early Australian houses were made from the cheapest materials available – timbers from the surrounding areas and imported corrugated iron. For those with more refined and expensive tastes, architecture design was borrowed from the United Kingdom or Europe – the Victorian mansion is [...]

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Staircase Design 101

At Shadforth Lythgo we’ve had the pleasure of creating some very beautiful staircases. Like any other element of the home, the staircase has both a practical function (linking two floors) and an aesthetic function – making a design statement that reflects your style. Staircase design is dictated by your personal taste and the amount of [...]

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First Impressions

First impressions count! Nowhere is this old adage truer than how your house looks from the roadside. The exterior of you home will leave a lasting impression and at Shadforth Lythgo we like to build homes that leave a lasting impression for all the right reasons! We are very dedicated to good design and pay [...]

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