5 tips to vamp up your outdoor area

Our beautiful climate allows us to spend lots of time out-of-doors. That's one of the reasons the outdoor area has become one of the most important areas of the modern home. Traditionally, most of the living went on inside with an occasional bbq outside. Today, our homes have become the place where we can enjoy [...]

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Sustainability: right on trend

Sustainability is big news in the building industry and in 2018 there are some exciting trends to take us into the future. Getting flexible about space Cities are becoming denser and space is often at a premium. In this environment, building design is all about doing more with less. The clever use of space [...]

Liveable Homes

In a nutshell, liveable homes are designed for the ease of access and comfort of use of everybody over every stage of life – from families with young children wielding prams and strollers, to aging baby boomers, and family members with a disability or even a temporary injury. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. [...]

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