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Future-proofing is an increasingly popular trend for people building a new home. Many clients have an eye on the future as they plan their new homes, choosing a design that will suit their future lifestyle. Building a home that will cater to your changing needs will definitely save you money in the long-term. The challenge [...]

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Investment Property at Ferny Glen

We recently completed a home at Ferny Glen Road at Mons on the Sunshine Coast. The home was built as an investment property and will be rented by a lucky local family. Spacious and welcoming. Image by Cade Mooney. Often rental properties are very basic and they usually don't contain many extra design [...]

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How to save on your home build

Budget blow-out is something we work hard to avoid. Preparing a realistic budget from the outset and setting clear parameters around the scope of your build, are proven ways we use to achieve your dream home on budget. Planning is the key to achieving your dream home. Decide what's important There are some [...]

Sustainability: right on trend

Sustainability is big news in the building industry and in 2018 there are some exciting trends to take us into the future. Getting flexible about space Cities are becoming denser and space is often at a premium. In this environment, building design is all about doing more with less. The clever use of space [...]

Pushing the design envelope: dealing with barriers to building your dream home (Part 2)

At Shadforth Lythgo, we love to take your creative ideas and turn them into innovative homes. A suspended deck: when it’s all about the view Barriers to achieving your dream home do pop up and it’s our job to work through these to a successful outcome. We are up to the challenge! In [...]

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Talking trends in exterior home design

As luxury home builders, we are inspired by the contemporary design trends. We work with architects and designers to build homes that reflect contemporary design themes, colour palettes, and the latest finishes. Here are some of the most in-vogue looks for home exteriors in 2018 - Be natural There is a renaissance in authentic-looking, natural building [...]

Let’s Talk Roofs

The roof is a key feature of the aesthetics of most homes. From a distance, it can be more prominent than windows and even entranceways so it’s important to get it right. Your roof serves the practical purpose of protecting you from the elements but it can also have a big impact on making your [...]

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Building a home? Five pitfalls to avoid.

Experience is a great teacher. If you have not built a home before or if you don't have a lot of building experience ... use ours! We’ve had the pleasure of building a lot of beautiful homes over the years and have accumulated a fair bit of expertise along the way. And we are only [...]

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