Building Innovation – The Bridgehouse

After more than 20 years as Shadforth Lythgo builders on the Sunshine Coast, Tony and Dean are still excited to go to work each day. They love the innovations that are happening  in building design and  share a personal commitment to building innovation and pushing the building design envelope.

Here’s a truly innovative housing design by Llama Urban Design; a bridgehouse built in Ontario. This wooden home cleverly traverses a small ravine in the land, connecting two sides of a tree-studded valley.

Bridgehouse by Llama Urban Design. Image: Dezeen.

The wooden home sits suspended over the forest floor and assimilates beautifully with the surrounds. Two massive beams anchored in concrete pads support the home on either side where it crosses the ravine. The structure is built from Glulam engineered timber and glass.

Unstained cedar clads the walls and the roof. Image: Dezeen.

The house is long and narrow and measures 230 square metres. It features two main facades which face out to the valley. One side is almost fully glazed with a balcony that overlooks a lake. On the other side glazing is used to fill the gaps between the Glulam structure and the floor and looks out over the forest.

Letting the forest in. Image: Dezeen.

Metals stairs along the angled beams, lead to a deck on the roof. The home has entries at each end and each end is a mirror of the other containing a bedroom, bathroom and another smaller room.

Metal stairs climb the beams. Image: Dezeen.

The centre of the home features open-plan living, with kitchen and living area warmed by a large fireplace. A hallway runs along one side of the home, linking the spaces.

Wooden cabinetry create storage in the minimalist interior. Image: Dezeen.

The construction is made entirely from local timbers with maple plywood panels used to cover the walls and floor.

The Bridgehouse was awarded first prize at the Ontario Wood Design Awards 2016. Image: Dezeen.

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