Adaptive Reuse: Old Building, New Purpose

The push for sustainable development has led to the adaptation and re-use of old buildings. It makes sense. Why demolish and rebuild, if adaptive reuse is possible? Generally, aesthetics and sustainability are weighed against the cost involved, to decide if a building is a good candidate for reuse. Adaptive reuse is the process of retrofitting old buildings for new uses; the construction retains its historic integrity AND meets the needs of new occupants. The building retains its structure but has a new intent for that structure. Griffith Film School, Griffith University, South Brisbane. Source:   Griffith Film School, Griffith University, South Brisbane. Source: Advantages First and foremost reuse saves on waste. The process is much more resource-friendly than a demolish and rebuild and also saves on energy. There is a social advantage to re-purposing historic buildings. Older buildings give us a glimpse of our [...]

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Investment Home Builder Checklist

Start your investment property search by chatting with real estate agents about what’s happening in the rental market. What are renters requiring in terms of location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, parking, and property type? Spacious and welcoming. Image by Cade Mooney. Establish Your Borrowing Level Once you understand of the market and what you’re looking for in an investment property, talk with the bank about how much you can afford to borrow. Ask your bank for a pre-approval of your investment property loan so you know what to look for. When it comes to buying an investment home the price of the property needs to match your budget and cash flow. Check out the storage space cleverly tucked in to the back of the kitchen. Image by Cade Mooney. Negative or Positive Gearing It is also important to decide if you want to positively or [...]

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Ten years on …

We recently celebrated ten years of membership with the Master Builders Association of Queensland. As long-time builders on the Sunshine Coast, we are proud to play a part in contributing to our local building industry in terms of knowledge-sharing and employing best practices in our building projects. Latest build at Torres Crescent, North Lakes. Image: Cade Mooney, The industry has seen a lot of changes in the last ten years and we are happy to say that there has been a lot of improvements, particularly in regard to purposeful development. Interior of Torres Crescent. Image: Cade Mooney. The Sunshine Coast local government area continues to boom (as more and more people choose to partake in the Coast’s lifestyle). Significant capital investment right across the area plus a regional council dedicated to the importance of the right type of development, means development across the Sunshine Coast is [...]

Project Delivery 101

We have a good track-record for construction project delivery on the Sunshine Coast. Our objective has remained the same over the years; deliver the project safely, on time, and on budget. This is a matter of personal pride and integrity for us, but successful project delivery is also very much a team effort requiring cooperative and competent subcontractors and partners. We’ve gained a lot of expertise over the years; here’s some of the components we’ve identified as essential to excellent project delivery. Good building arises from the collective We are big believers in encouraging and utilising the skills and insights of all stakeholders to create excellence. Harley Davidson showroom built by Shadforth Lythgo. Communication is paramount Communication is central to accomplishing extraordinary results on any project, which is why regular project meetings MUST be part of the mix. Aura Business Park. Never rush the design phase [...]

Supporting the Salvos

Each year,  Shadforth Lythgo has the privilege of supporting the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal Breakfast on the Sunshine Coast. This year was another great event with over 300 people attending to show their support for the Appeal - our local community in action. The local Salvation Army offers much-needed support to the Coast's most marginalised people, as well as helping local families that are struggling. Some of the services they offer include: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs: The Salvos work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across four focus areas – cultural competency and capacity building, youth and children, community engagement, and leadership. Accommodation and homelessness services: Community Resource Workers and upfront Intervention Teams work with people to help them achieve their housing, personal and life goals; provide customised care to one person at a time helps build healthy communities. Addiction recovery services: The Salvos offer safe, [...]

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Sponsoring our very own Lego Masters!

With Lego Masters taking to the screen and having most of us watching on in awe, we thought you’d like to read about the recent success of our very own local Lego masters! Image Source: Facebook. The robotics team at Chancellor State College - the RoboRoyals - recently returned from Texas, where they were part of the world’s biggest Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (or STEM) competition.  After a recent podium finish at national level, they jetted off to Texas to compete on the global stage. Image source: Facebook. The RoboRoyals went head to head against a whopping 45,000 teams from all across the world. We are super-proud to announce they brought back a runners up trophy. Wow! They took out second place for Gracious Professionalism. “Gracious Professionalism is how you work together as a team and how you work well with other peers as well,” explains [...]

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