Construction Trends 2019

Construction continues to evolve with exciting developments in the industry. Here's some of the trends we expect to see grow in 2019 ... Green Technology Green technology, building in an environmentally responsible and resource-efficient manner, is becoming mainstream. Green technology spans the entire construction process from design through to construction and continues on into the building maintenance phase. This trend is welcome as the construction industry contributes around 20% of global emissions. By making buildings environmentally-friendly and increasing their durability and thus longevity, construction can contribute to the betterment of our environment. Research into green construction is burgeoning and we can expect to see some interesting innovations, things like air-conditioners driven thermally and asphalt that has the capacity to heal itself! The Drone The use of drones is increasing on construction sites. Aerial video and photography gives stakeholders a bird's eye view of projects, increasing safety and providing valuable data. [...]

Luxury Home in Concrete

Located in the beautiful hinterland in a rural setting between Mooloolah Valley and Maleny and sitting on a hilltop, this unique house has commanding views in all directions. Image: Cade Mooney The home was designed and positioned with the lay of the land in mind and every window frames a spectacular view. Image: Cade Mooney. Image: Cade Mooney. Image: Cade Mooney. With nearly all of the external walls constructed from concrete tilt panel featuring a natural finish, the house has a distinctive external appearance. Image: Cade Mooney. This is further enhanced with the design of the curved turret sections of the building. Image: Cade Mooney. The result is a building with clean and simple lines that exudes some of the characteristics of a castle. The external linking walkway adds to this impression. Image: Cade Mooney. Step [...]

Building Innovation – The Bridgehouse

After more than 20 years as Shadforth Lythgo builders on the Sunshine Coast, Tony and Dean are still excited to go to work each day. They love the innovations that are happening  in building design and  share a personal commitment to building innovation and pushing the building design envelope. Here's a truly innovative housing design by Llama Urban Design; a bridgehouse built in Ontario. This wooden home cleverly traverses a small ravine in the land, connecting two sides of a tree-studded valley. Bridgehouse by Llama Urban Design. Image: Dezeen. The wooden home sits suspended over the forest floor and assimilates beautifully with the surrounds. Two massive beams anchored in concrete pads support the home on either side where it crosses the ravine. The structure is built from Glulam engineered timber and glass. Unstained cedar clads the walls and the roof. Image: Dezeen. The house is long and [...]

How to choose the right builder for your reno

Renovating can be a stressful time and finding the right builder will often be the linchpin to a successful and smooth-running reno. Your home is probably your most precious asset so it is important to find a builder that you really trust. Issues like budget and time-frame are really important when you are renovating your existing home. You need a builder that can deliver on both. Renovated facade. Your architect or designer might have some suggestions for you. They often work  with builders who they know can deliver on their designs. If they have a track-record with a builder and have completed a number of successful renovation projects together, that's a really good indicator to go ahead. Finding the right builder is a lot about finding someone you can communicate easily with, someone you feel comfortable with. Trust your gut instincts. An old beach-house gets a facelift. [...]

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It all begins with your site

Future-proofing is an increasingly popular trend for people building a new home. Many clients have an eye on the future as they plan their new homes, choosing a design that will suit their future lifestyle. Building a home that will cater to your changing needs will definitely save you money in the long-term. The challenge is to design the right house for your future, at a price you can afford now. One of the most important considerations in achieving this is choosing the right site. Thinking about future needs makes sense when designing your home. At Shadforth Lythgo, we like to be involved from the outset because the land you choose will  affect the design. One of the biggest determinants to a successful home design and build is understanding your site.  Deciding on a house design and then plonking it on a block of land is definitely not [...]

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Why use an architect?

Architects are experts in design. They take your brief and turn into a unique design; a customised plan for an exceptional built environment. Your architect will be highly conversant with town planning regulations and can help navigate your ideas through the regulatory process. As builders of custom-designed homes, we often work with architects and clients to achieve their design vision and turn that plan into reality. Shadforth Lythgo offers a Design Partnership Service, where we act as the middle-man between you and your architect, helping you set a realistic budget and oftentimes offering viable alternatives if your ideas outstretch your budget. For example, we can often achieve a similar look using a more affordable material. Your architect will be involved throughout the build and will inspect the work right throughout construction period.   An architect isn't just creating a house or building plan. They are bringing their [...]