5 Top Trends in Home Design for 2020

With 2020 fast approaching we thought we’d take a look at what’s hot in home design next year. Industrial is in! Industrial style is the aesthetic that takes it lead from old industrial/factory spaces; think polished concrete, rough timber, stone – and open plan and high ceilings. High-gloss steels like aluminium can add a touch of sleekness. Exposed surfaces and raw materials give a re-purposed feel. Colours are neutral and play up the raw, recycled look. Natural light is important. Maximise the outdoors This is a trend that works well in our gorgeous Sunshine Coast location. Flow is important and indoor spaces should open seamlessly into outdoor living areas. Flow can also be achieved by continuing colour schemes and materials from inside through to outside. Retractable doors will further enhance the sense of open flow and encourage the use of outdoor spaces for entertaining and everyday use. Minimalism This trend [...]

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 Designing a showroom

The key objective of any showroom is to be visually stimulating. That’s where good design comes into play. A showroom should be exciting and innovative as a reflection of your product/s. It needs to shine the very best light on your brand. It’s all about the experience Good layout is vital so that your products are centre-stage, loud and proud. Consumers should be able to experience your product/s – look, touch and feel them – so they are confident in what your product is all about, and so they can experience the quality of your product firsthand. This is becoming increasingly important to combat the trend towards online shopping. An excellent showroom experience will set you apart from your competition. Strategically-planned layouts will encourage customer-flow and inspire sales. Samples of your product should be displayed in a way that invites customers to interact with them. Ideally your showroom layout should [...]

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Renovating: turning tired, outdated homes into works of architectural art

A well-designed renovation can turn your tired, outdated home into a work of art. But the decision to renovate can be a challenging one. Building a brand new home can be less expensive and easier than renovating, so how do you decide if it’s worth the time, inconvenience, and expense to renovate your existing home? Emotional attachment Many people who choose to renovate simply love where they live. A well-loved home can be hard to let go of – this is the place where you have made many memories, watched your kids grow, and enjoyed happy times. For these people, their attachment to their home will inform their decision to renovate and will justify the expense and effort. Some things you need to consider when deciding on a renovation are - Beware over-capitalisation: Will the new design add value to your property? Your renovation needs to give your existing home [...]

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Reaching high in the commercial space

Commercial building doesn’t have to be ordinary. Increasingly, commercial spaces can have real aesthetic value in communities. Commercial spaces are no longer given a one-size-fits-all design approach. An adaptive response that pays due respect to the local environs can pay off in exceptional outcomes. Commercial building is a complex process but it can be broken down into manageable steps. Approvals Industry knowledge is invaluable in negotiating approvals and regulations in the commercial space. We partner with clients to facilitate and supervise approvals and statutory requirements in order to short-circuit problems and delays. This includes meeting building regulations through better design, and compiling and coordinating all paperwork for planning approvals and building licences as required.   Tender Management A sound tender management process is essential to ensure that all bids are accurately specified and quoted on. Design Design needs to be thoroughly teased out. Goals need to be clearly identified, along [...]

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Custom home versus the project home

If you’re building a new home you will be thinking about design. Should you build a custom-designed home or choose a project home? What are the differences? The blank canvas A project home is basically a pre-designed home. House designs are drawn up to suit various budgets and can be quite cost-effective because the design is generally simple and is repeated across many clients. While you can make small changes to the plan, the design is generic and isn’t tailored to suit your individual needs and tastes. Custom designed homes start with a blank canvas – which is filled in according to your dreams and style. An architect or building designer will create a plan tailored to your personal requirements and taste. The design stage will take longer and will often cost more, but it will be unique to you and your lifestyle. A personal process Whereas a project build [...]

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8 Trends in Home Exteriors

How your home looks on the outside is obviously serious business. Aesthetics definitely affect the value of your new home and will also play a part in your enjoyment of outdoor spaces. So, how do you decide on the right exterior for your home? Image: Cade Mooney. Firstly, it’s important to choose something that you like, something that fits with your own personal sense of style, a look and feel that makes you happy. Look for colours and textures that you connect with. You will have to live with the decision for a long time, so make sure you feel really comfortable with your choices. Here’s a look at eight home exterior trends to inspire you! 1.    Classic neutral Neutral tones are popular - think off-white and taupe. These tones look fabulous with concrete and also crisp whites. Another trend is layering materials and textures in the same colour [...]

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