Exciting building innovation in Brisbane: world’s tallest timber skyscraper

Australia’s tallest engineered timber office building is now open for business. The building by Lendlease, is situated on King Street and is a part of the $2.9 billion renewal of the Brisbane Showgrounds precinct in Fortitude Valley. It is also the world’s tallest wooden skyscraper and is the latest on Australia’s list of building innovations. The environmental benefits are obvious; engineered wood acts as a carbon sink rather than producing greenhouse gas emissions - and timber is a natural insulator. Sustainably managed timber plantations can produce the raw materials for engineered wood products, resulting in zero waste. They also produce less CO2 during ongoing operation. Artist’s impression of 25 King Street. Image credit: Leading experts from academia, industry and government have come together to form Australia’s leading timber collaboration and are set to make big changes to building design and materials manufacture.  Their aim is to develop [...]

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Place making: Intentional Design for Communities

Place making is what it sounds like; creating a place that promotes health, happiness and general well-being for the communities that live there. Place making by its very nature is intentional. It is the process of designing and building with the intention of enhancing the liveability and enjoyment of a place, using best-practice urban design principles. Mooloolaba Revitalisation. Image credit: Place making sees development as an opportunity and responsibility to capitalise on the potential of an area and create community assets to enhance the urban experience. Shadforth Lythgo has a personal commitment to place making. We reach high in what we do to create built environments that make the world a more aesthetic place. We do this by keeping our eyes on the big picture and by being adaptive and innovative. Here are some of the principles behind place making: Place making is about vision Place making [...]

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When building is about transformation: beautiful built environments

Our aspiration as a building company, is to create buildings that enhance our coastal lifestyle. We are committed to good design that improves our built environment and contributes to a carefully planned future for our region.  Creativity, lateral thinking, and imagination are imperative to our mission. Riverview Avenue, Buderim. Image by Cade Mooney. New developments have the potential to create quality of life for residents, as well as real opportunities to stimulate our local economy. The quality of building in these new developments affects how they contribute to our coastal environment as well as the inhabitants they attract. Beautiful building creates beautiful environments. Image by Cade Mooney. It is our goal to enhance our urban environment by creating better buildings, and with big-picture thinking, to create better suburbs and towns. Good design and excellent building methodology are at the heart of development that enhances our local [...]

What is solar passive design?

If you’re planning to build a home or commercial premises, you will have probably come across the term 'solar passive design'. So, what exactly is it? In a nutshell, solar passive design makes the best use of your environment to reduce the need for heating or cooling appliances, saving the average household around 40% on electricity. A solar passive home is designed to use as little energy as possible to cool your home in summer and heat it in winter. North-facing windows are ideal. There are a number of aspects to solar passive design, including: Orientation By positioning your home to absorb the least amount of sun in summer and the most in winter, you will drastically reduce energy required for temperature control. The position of windows is important too; placing as many windows as possible on the northern side of your home, and reducing windows to the [...]

The year in review – and what a fabulous year it was!

We have a personal challenge, a moving target: every project needs to exceed the last in terms of building excellence. We plan meticulously, focus on solutions, deliver on time and budget, and strive to exceed expectations. Our aim is to invoke awe. Here's some of what 2018 brought us ... Commercial Luxury at Coolum Beach Shadforth Lythgo built a luxury commercial construction at Lysaght Street in Coolum Beach. This construction had lots of special features and was custom-designed to create something pretty special. Metallic-look screens were used in the upper level. Image: Cade Mooney. The building overlooks the adjacent ski park and has gorgeous views from the balcony and beautifully positioned windows frame the view perfectly. Read more. Windows frame the view. Image: Cade Mooney. Breaking Ground at Aura Northern Business Park Tony Shadforth with Matt Byrne from Stockland and Michael Shadforth (Ray White). Photo: Cade Mooney. [...]

Construction Trends 2019

Construction continues to evolve with exciting developments in the industry. Here's some of the trends we expect to see grow in 2019 ... Green Technology Green technology, building in an environmentally responsible and resource-efficient manner, is becoming mainstream. Green technology spans the entire construction process from design through to construction and continues on into the building maintenance phase. This trend is welcome as the construction industry contributes around 20% of global emissions. By making buildings environmentally-friendly and increasing their durability and thus longevity, construction can contribute to the betterment of our environment. Research into green construction is burgeoning and we can expect to see some interesting innovations, things like air-conditioners driven thermally and asphalt that has the capacity to heal itself! The Drone The use of drones is increasing on construction sites. Aerial video and photography gives stakeholders a bird's eye view of projects, increasing safety and providing valuable data. [...]