5 principles for a sustainable construction

Every building material comes at some environmental cost, but there are principles that can guide you towards choices that reduce your environmental footprint, while being cost-effective and increasing the liveability of your home. Environmental choices can definitely be a win win. Award-winning Kailiani Beach Houses - designed by Andrew Bock Architects and built by us. (Facebook: Andrew Hock) Here’s a snapshot of some of these principles … 1. Reduce the need for new materials Instead of knocking down your old home and rebuilding, renovate where possible - or at least re-use materials from your existing home. Build smaller, better-designed homes - consider using modular elements. Choose durable, low maintenance building materials that will reduce the need for new materials and finishings over the lifetime of your home. 2. Select materials with low environmental impact Choose materials that are produced sustainably, over those made from non-renewable resources. Consider the [...]

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5 questions you should ask your prospective builder

Building a home is an important undertaking, involving lots of decision-making and planning. Choosing the right builder is probably the most crucial ingredient in getting the end-result you want. Image: Cade Mooney. There are some obvious indicators to look for: professionalism, transparency and excellent communication skills are vital. But what else do you need to consider? We've created a list of questions to ask your prospective builder - before making your final decision. Image by Cade Mooney. Will I be able to access the company owner? Shadforth Lythgo has continuously made a commitment to our customers around this. Our clients have a direct line of access to us - always. Thinking outside the square. Image by Cade Mooney. 2. Will I be able to work directly with a designer to discuss my specific needs? We offer A  Design Partnership Service where we we work with [...]

A first at Aura Business Park

We were excited to complete the very first industrial building at the new Aura Business Park. Handover at Lot 1076, Aura. Happy client selfie. The Aura Business Park is set to become a thriving business centre on the Sunshine Coast and bodes for a sound future for commercial real estate locally. Image: Cade Mooney. A vibrant (and fast-growing) residential community surrounds the Park, offering excellent potential for economic growth in local business. Planned commercial growth Aura Business Park is a planned commercial centre, located at the entranceway to the Sunshine Coast and neigbhouring onto Bells Creek Arterial Road - easy access to the Bruce Highway is a vital key to success for our busy area. Image: Cade Mooney. The Park is designed to be multi-use: light industry, manufacturing, showrooms, office space, storage and warehousing, indoor sports, and research and development facilities are all on the drawing [...]

Construction breakthroughs: innovation and technology

Construction is experiencing incredible breakthroughs in innovation and technology. Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and advances in sustainable architecture are paving the way for a revolution of energy-efficient, affordable and accessible construction. Here’s some of the exciting trends to watch out for in 2019 - Innovation in Building Materials Building materials are getting all kinds of clever in response to climate change. Researchers are working to develop sustainable materials that leverage recycled or waste materials. We have already seen a light-weight brick made with cigarette butts, light-generating cement, and translucent wood that can be used for windows and solar panels. As new technologies mature, we will see the development of sustainable building materials that lower waste, reduce costs, and improve construction quality. Accessibility and Style Increasingly, accessibility and aesthetic appeal will go hand in hand. Innovative designs are addressing style as well function. A great example are adjustable kitchen benchtops, which look [...]

Designed for the view

Environment inspires architecture ... and nowhere is this more apparent than in one of our recent projects; a custom-designed three-level house perched on the edge of Buderim hill. The views are stunning and the design captures them - breathtakingly. Image: Cade Mooney. The home is orientated to the north with commanding views out to the ocean towards Maroochydore and beyond. Image: Cade Mooney. Using a variety of cladding materials, angled walls, a lift well, and large door openings this unique house required great attention to detail. Image: Cade Mooney. One of the early issues that arose was encountering extremely hard rock below ground. This was a particular issue with establishing the pool shell and required the use of a 30 tonne breaker. The house design reflects the premium position it occupies and takes advantage of the elevated outlook. The narrow street boundary created a [...]

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Exciting building innovation in Brisbane: world’s tallest timber skyscraper

Australia’s tallest engineered timber office building is now open for business. The building by Lendlease, is situated on King Street and is a part of the $2.9 billion renewal of the Brisbane Showgrounds precinct in Fortitude Valley. It is also the world’s tallest wooden skyscraper and is the latest on Australia’s list of building innovations. The environmental benefits are obvious; engineered wood acts as a carbon sink rather than producing greenhouse gas emissions - and timber is a natural insulator. Sustainably managed timber plantations can produce the raw materials for engineered wood products, resulting in zero waste. They also produce less CO2 during ongoing operation. Artist’s impression of 25 King Street. Image credit: Leading experts from academia, industry and government have come together to form Australia’s leading timber collaboration and are set to make big changes to building design and materials manufacture.  Their aim is to develop [...]

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