5 Top Tips for Building on a Sloping Block

While building on a sloping lot can be challenging and more costly, a sloping block also has its advantages, and with the right house design you can build a stunning and unique home. Here’s five tips that will help you get the very most out of your custom design home if you're planning to build on a slope. Position Where to position you home will take consideration. A stock-standard slab on the ground won’t work. A sloping block offers the opportunity to be really unique and to work with the contours of your land. The extent of your slope will inform your floor plan too. A split slab design may be possible, where you cut the block into sections for two or more slabs with stair transitions. A pole home may be the best option if your slope is steep. Engineering considerations, excavation, retaining walls, and planning the foundations will [...]

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It’s a great time to spruce up your home!

We’re all spending a lot of time at home right now and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. It could be a good time to redirect our energies inward and give our homes a bit of TLC. Freshen your style Style has become more eclectic. Interior design no longer has to conform to one particular ‘look’. You can take what you like from different trends to create your very own individual look. Imperfection is on trend. Adding a unique or surprising element, mixing up textures, imperfectly shaped tiles and weathered timber can all contribute to a fresh style that is very current. Layering textured items can add a new dimension to your space too. Greenery will freshen things up. Indoor plants can really lift our mood and bring some of the natural world inside at this time. Plants also add colour, life, texture, and shape to your space. Spring [...]

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Five basic steps to commercial building

The commercial building process can seem overwhelming due to its complexity. It is best accomplished through a step-by-step approach. At Shadforth Lythgo we project manage the commercial construction process and keep all stakeholders up to speed with the staging of the project. Our latest commercial build at Packer Road, Aura. In general, the process can be outlined in five basic steps from planning to post-construction - 1. Planning A well-planned project is generally a successful project. Solid planning is vital. This starts with choosing the right site for your construction. On the Sunshine Coast, good commercial development sites have become available through the ongoing development in our area. Once the location is decided upon, the budget will need to be set. Lots of space inside. 2. The Design The design will be informed by the size and purpose of the commercial building. The buildings orientation will [...]

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How to choose the right builder for your reno

Renovating can be a stressful time and finding the right builder will often be the linchpin to a successful and smooth-running reno. Your home is probably your most precious asset so it is important to find a builder that you really trust. Issues like budget and time-frame are really important when you are renovating your existing home. You need a builder that can deliver on both. Renovated facade. Your architect or designer might have some suggestions for you. They often work  with builders who they know can deliver on their designs. If they have a track-record with a builder and have completed a number of successful renovation projects together, that's a really good indicator to go ahead. Finding the right builder is a lot about finding someone you can communicate easily with, someone you feel comfortable with. Trust your gut instincts. An old beach-house gets a facelift. [...]

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Five architectural trends for indoor/outdoor living

One of the biggest architectural trends right now is blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living, especially in our beautiful Sunshine Coast climate. Here's five of the top architectural trends in this space. Redefining indoor and outdoor boundaries The boundaries between indoors and out are being absolutely redefined. Seamless transition between the spaces is being achieved with glass and support columns versus solid walls. This is taking open plan to a whole new level. Thermally-efficient glass walls, doors and windows that can be opened in the warmer months, is bringing the outside in and giving a sense of oneness with the outdoors and the views beyond. Floor to ceiling glass is revolutionising indoor living. In a feast of natural light, indoors have become bright spaces. Decks for luxury lazing Part of the seamless indoor/outdoor experience is how the outdoors are fitted out. Luxurious lounging furnishings have become the norm [...]

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First Impressions: Home Exteriors to Inspire

First impressions count! Check out the line-up of home exteriors of some of the homes we have built. Concrete & Curves Check out those curves!  Image by Cade Mooney. This stunning concrete home rests on the green hills of the Sunshine Coast’s hinterland. It features beautiful curved accents and openings that frame the view. Buderim Beauty Environment inspires architecture … and nowhere is this more apparent than in one of our recent projects; a custom-designed three-level house perched on the edge of Buderim hill. Beautiful building creates beautiful environments. Image by Cade Mooney. Using a variety of cladding materials, angled walls, a lift well, and large door openings this unique house shows great attention to detail. Big picture thinking leads to big outcomes. Image by Cade Mooney. Of particular note on the external cladding is the use of Hiland Tray as both a wall [...]

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