How your home looks on the outside is obviously serious business. Aesthetics definitely affect the value of your new home and will also play a part in your enjoyment of outdoor spaces.

So, how do you decide on the right exterior for your home?

Image: Cade Mooney.

Firstly, it’s important to choose something that you like, something that fits with your own personal sense of style, a look and feel that makes you happy. Look for colours and textures that you connect with. You will have to live with the decision for a long time, so make sure you feel really comfortable with your choices.

Here’s a look at eight home exterior trends to inspire you!

1.    Classic neutral

Neutral tones are popular – think off-white and taupe. These tones look fabulous with concrete and also crisp whites. Another trend is layering materials and textures in the same colour palette for a sophisticated finish.

2.    A la natural

Natural materials and tones are very much on trend. Materials that can be used inside as well as outside create beautiful continuity. Natural colours include the gamut of timber tones, grey-greens, charcoal, ochre, and bronzes.

Timber – nature’s beautiful building material.

3.    Dark drama

Dark shades add drama and work well with softer trim colours. Dark exteriors also convey a sense of privacy. Dark colours can work well with strong architectural lines.

4.    Red brick is back!

Red brick is becoming an increasingly common feature of modern exteriors. Red brick is being used as a feature to accentuate form but not for the whole house. Red brick works well alongside contemporary building materials like zinc and steel.  Red bricks range from soft pinks to earthy terracotta.

5.    Reclaimed or handmade

Customised materials create an individualised exterior – imperfect, knotted, gnarly. In line with industrial chic style, using reclaimed or handmade materials can offer a bespoke look and feel to your home’s exterior. Using a blend of materials can also work – perhaps a little bit of one brick mixed with another style of brick. This trend works for people who want to create their own look.

6.    Texture

Exteriors are becoming increasingly textured. This can be achieved by using contrasting textures or self-patterned textures.

7. The power of grey

Grey is very, very big for exteriors and can range from dark, moody charcoals to lighter, softer tones, and stony industrial concrete greys. Grey materials – concrete, stone, and silver timbers – are beautifully complimented with bold grey accents.

8. Industrial

Raw and rustic is also contemporary in home exteriors. Exposed brick, timber beams, copper fittings, peeling paint, and recycled materials can all be used to create this style.

Image: Cade Mooney

Whatever exterior you have in mind, we’d love to create it for you.  We specialise in custom design and beautiful buildings.