To help our clients navigate their commercial building project, Shadforth Lythgo has broken the process down into six steps. This facilities easy tracking of progress as well as overall project management. By taking a birds-eye view of the entire process, clients are more easily able to understand where there are at at any given time and what still needs to be done. 

From the air. Image: Cade Mooney.

Step 1 – Project Initiation

This step takes place once the site has been identified. We will meet the client onsite to work through the design parameters of the project and proceed with a  cost analysis. Our responsibilities as the builder (the scope of our brief) will usually be decided on at this stage.

Tony Shadforth & Dean Lythgo.

Step 2 – Project Development

At this stage, the development process is finalised including what actions are required to advance the project.

If a Development Application and a Building Application are required, we would cost the steps needed to complete this process.

It is generally standard practice, at this point, to enter into a Preliminary Agreement specific to your project.

Step 3 – Design & Tender Preparation

The design requirements are then determined and all design work is completed. Now it’s time to identify all the items to be included in a comprehensive tender checklist.

Step 4 – Tender

Tender timelines will be set; next we will issue documentation to the market to obtain competitive prices from relevant trades.

Market prices are received and evaluated for thoroughness and accuracy. We then present you, the client, with the outcomes of the competitive tender process.

Step 5 – Construction

At this stage the client will enter into a Building Contract and pay a deposit. Construction will then commence within the agreed timelines. At Shadforth Lythgo, weekly construction meetings are undertaken to keep our clients abreast of progress. Throughout the construction period, progress payments are made in accordance with the Contract Schedule.

During construction.

Step 6 – Completion

Practical completion is achieved and all required Certificates are issued to enable Final Certification to be issued by the Certifier. Final handover is then completed and final payments made.

Bakery fit out.

With well thought-out and documented project outcomes plus weekly project update meetings, we have been able to achieve a sound track-record for delivering commercial projects on time and budget – every time.

If you’d like to chat about your commercial plans, please call us on Tony on (07) 5493 9757