With 2020 fast approaching we thought we’d take a look at what’s hot in home design next year.

Industrial is in!

Industrial style is the aesthetic that takes it lead from old industrial/factory spaces; think polished concrete, rough timber, stone – and open plan and high ceilings. High-gloss steels like aluminium can add a touch of sleekness. Exposed surfaces and raw materials give a re-purposed feel. Colours are neutral and play up the raw, recycled look. Natural light is important.

Maximise the outdoors

This is a trend that works well in our gorgeous Sunshine Coast location. Flow is important and indoor spaces should open seamlessly into outdoor living areas. Flow can also be achieved by continuing colour schemes and materials from inside through to outside. Retractable doors will further enhance the sense of open flow and encourage the use of outdoor spaces for entertaining and everyday use.


This trend is about simplicity in form and function. It is achieved with simple forms and ultra-modern building materials. Design is open and clean with lots of natural light. Decoration is necessarily minimal and visual interest is created with the strategic use of materials and texture.

Passive Design

This one’s a no-brainer. Passive design takes full advantage of the climate and surrounds to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home. It reduces or even eliminates the need for heating or cooling – which is responsible for around 40% of the power bill in the average Australian home.

A BIG focus on kitchens and bathrooms

These spaces will be prominent design features of the home in 2020: kitchens as the centre of the home; and bathrooms as a very important space for relaxation, a space to relax in after a busy day at the office.

These trends will be big influencers in housing design next year. We can’t wait to start building!