Building a home is an important undertaking, involving lots of decision-making and planning. Choosing the right builder is probably the most crucial ingredient in getting the end-result you want.

Image: Cade Mooney.

There are some obvious indicators to look for: professionalism, transparency and excellent communication skills are vital. But what else do you need to consider?

We’ve created a list of questions to ask your prospective builder – before making your final decision.

Image by Cade Mooney.

  1. Will I be able to access the company owner?

Shadforth Lythgo has continuously made a commitment to our customers around this. Our clients have a direct line of access to us – always.

Thinking outside the square. Image by Cade Mooney.

2. Will I be able to work directly with a designer to discuss my specific needs?

We offer A  Design Partnership Service where we we work with (in the middle of) you and your designer – kind of like a translator – to ensure you get what you want at prices you can afford. We are able to take your vision and work through it with the designer, to make sure it is created within your budget. We can often suggest practical alternatives that retain the integrity of your ideas, but use a more affordable approach.

Image: Cade Mooney.

3. How many homes do you have under construction at any one time?

Shadforth Lythgo focuses on quality, timeliness, and personal communication. For this reason, we limit the number of homes we build so that we can achieve excellence for our clients.

Big picture thinking leads to big outcomes. Image by Cade Mooney.

4. Can I change my mind during construction?

We spend a lot of time with you in the initial planning stages, to help prevent changes during construction. By thoroughly exploring all the options, we find our clients generally do their mind-changing during the planning stage. However, there are times when variations are made during construction. This can add additional cost, but sometimes this is worth it for the client.

Image: Cade Mooney.

5. Once I sign the building contract, will there by any price changes?

We provide a fixed price contract to our clients. Apart from any variations you make during construction, the contract price is solid with the exception of provisional and/or prime cost items.

Provisional costs: If there are any works that cannot be be finalised at the time of contract, a provisional sum will be included in the contract. A provisional sum may be used when certain elements cannot be predetermined – for example when quoting on site works where we may encounter rock. A provisional sum might also apply to the pricing of a feature where the design has not been finalised at the time of contract.

Image: Cade Mooney.

Prime costs: A prime cost would be used where the material for a specific item hasn’t yet been chosen. The item will be quoted to cover construction, but the price will be pending your choice of material.  This may also apply in the case where appliances have not yet been chosen.

Our advice: avoid making your decision based purely on price. At the end of the day, finding a builder you can have a good working relationship with is key. You need a builder who is trustworthy, professional and transparent.

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